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Dr. Grosfils

-- sunset over the Tasman Sea, Punakaiki, NZ

Minnie B. Cairns Memorial Professor of Geology

B.S., Physics & Geology, College of William and Mary
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Brown University, 1996

Office: Edmunds Building 241
Voice: (909) 621-8673
E-Mail: egrosfils(at)pomona(dot)edu

Interests: planetary geology, physical volcanology

Research Page: Link


Current Courses:

Geology 20B: Introduction to Geology (Planetary Geology)
Geology 111a: Introduction to GIS
Geology 111b: Introduction to GIS for Geologists
Geology 112: Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Environment
Geology 131: Physical Volcanology
Geology 155: Geophysics of the Solid Earth


Selected Professional Information: