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Dr. Gaines

Robert Gaines, Associate Professor                                    RRG Marble Canyon

Specialist in: Sedimentary Geology and Geochemistry, Paleontology, Geobiology

email:, office: Edmunds Building 252,  voice: (909) 621-8674, lab: (909) 607-0982

B.S. in Geology, College of William and Mary, M.S. in Geology, University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. in Geology, University of California, Riverside

Biographical Information

Bob Gaines, a recipient of 2007 and 2013 Wig Awards for excellence in teaching, offers courses in Earth history, sedimentology, paleontology and climate change. His research focuses on the Cambrian Explosion, the flowering of complex life on Earth during the Late Neoproterozoic and Cambrian Periods some 570 to 500 million years ago. Bob works on the Burgess Shale and many other deposits like it that contain an unusually-rich fossil record of this event. He is also interested in microbial-mineral interactions as a link between the geosphere and the biosphere. He studies ancient sedimentary rocks in South China, British Columbia, Morocco and across the USA, especially the Great Basin.

Courses Offered

ID1: The Changing Climate
Geology 20D: Introduction to GeologyPaleontology and the Evolution of Earth’s Bioshpere
Geology 125: Earth History
Geology 152: Climate Change
Geology 183: Sedimentology

Selected Publications


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