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Geology 111b: Introduction to GIS for Geologists

The goals of this course, which introduces the use of GIS through exploration of a variety of geological problems, are to help you:

  • obtain an introduction to the fundamentals of GIS analysis;
  • gain a hands-on familiarity with ‘industry-standard’ software package/s and basic field instrumentation; and,
  • build experience integrating these skills and using them to explore an array of geologically-relevant tasks and questions.

Since the range of questions to which GIS tools can be applied is so vast, your own future needs will almost certainly require the use of capabilities we don’t address during the semester. Thus, an additional goal of the course, and a key reason for inclusion of a major capstone project, is to ensure that you gain practical experience exploring and then tapping into the software packages’ considerable depths in order to meet your own needs!

— from campsite to geophysics field site in Canyonlands National Park, Utah